Recommendations for your holiday to Thailand

When visiting Thailand you have to make sure that you have enough medicins with you like painkillers and diarrhea inhibitors. For some medication you need a letter or statement from your doctor to make sure you will not have any problems with the customs in Thailand. It is also wise to have an anti-mosquito repellent with DEET to protect you against mosquitos.


Maybe at abundances, but make sure that you have absolutely no drugs with you when visiting Thailand. They take drugs very serious and if you use or transport drugs and you get caught you will have a lot of problems. The penalties on these kind of activities are enormous, including life imprisonment and in some cases even the death penalty.


Make sure you do not outstay your visa in Thailand. If you are staying in Thailand longer than allowed by your visa, this can result in a fine of 500THB per day which need to be paid at departure. If you get cought at a random check from the police you can end up in jail. In extreme cases you can even get the status of "persona non grata".


Throughout Thailand you'll see the so called minivans. These drivers are getting paid per trip. Their goal is to have as many rides in one day as possible. As a result, these drivers often drive very hard, irresponsible and reckless. This means that those rides are not really pleasant and safe.


Thailand has a voltage of 220 volts and there are three different types of sockets used:

  • Type A: plug with 2 flat pins

  • Type B: plug with 2 flat pins and 1 bigger pin (earthed)

  • Type C: plug with 2 flat round pins

Often the sockets are a combination of Type A and Type B connectors, but the combination of Type A and C you will mostly see at tourist locations. It is advisable to have a travel plug with you to be sure you can use your equpment. Please note that on the more remote locations and islands you can experience power failures. The main reason for this failure is the fact they still use aggregates and generators.