Lanzarote, El Golfo - Canary Islands


Lanzarote is the most Northern volcanic island which is part of the Canary Islands. Lanzarote has a surface of 330 sq mi and is located approximately 70 miles from the coast of Morocco. The capital Arrecife is located on the Eastern part of Lanzarote. Lanzarote doesn’t have a lot of rain. Approximately 40 days per year there is a strong wind originating from the Sahara named Calima. Because of the little rain all year there is not a lot agriculture on the island which gives Lanzarote a droughty look.

Lanzarote has a lot of sights and tourist attractions as for example, La Geria, Papagayo Beach Teguise and El Golfo.

  • A diver in crystal clear water filming a cave - Lanzarote
  • A mountainbiker with helmet and sunglasses on a road - Lanzarote
  • A surfer in action on breaking waves - Lanzarote
  • A squating golfer who looks how to put the ball on the green - Lanzarote
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Sights and Tourist attractions

View on the lavastone plains with in the background the mountains on a sunny day at La Geria - Lanzarote

La Geria

Location : 15 mi from Arrecife - 30 minutes drive | Category : Nature

La Geria is an area on the Southern-central part of Lanzarote which particularly known for the their wine production. Although Lanzarote is droughty the farmers still found a way to cultivate wine. At La Geria the grape bushes are placed in pits which are filled with lava stones, which hold the water. Around the pits walls are built to protect it against the wind. At La Geria you can taste wines, get tours and buy delicious wines at multiple locations. Besides that the nature of this region is beautiful as well which makes it ideal for walking.

View on the beach, rocks and crystal clear sea on sunny day at Papagayo Beach - Lanzarote

Papagayo Beach

Location : 20 mi from Arrecife - 50 minutes drive | Category : Sea and Beach

Papagayo Beach on the Southern part of Lanzarote is considered as the most beautiful beach of the island. Papagayo Beach actually consists of 6 white sand beaches which are separated by rocks. To be able to reach the beach you have to take a toll road. At the beaches of Papagayo Beach nudism is allowed. There is also a campsite at one of the beaches of Papagayo Beach. This is also the only location which allows camping.

Several kinds of cactus and lava stones with in the background a white windmill at Jardin de Cactus - Lanzarote

Jardin de Cactus

Location : 12 mi from Arrecife - 25 minutes drive | Category : Nature

Jardin de Cactus is located on the Northern part of Lanzarote. At Jardin de Cactus you can see more than 1,400 cactus species. Located at the border of the garden is an old restored windmill. From this windmill you can have a beautiful view on Jardin de Cactus. At Jardin de Cactus you can also have diner or a drink at the restaurant.

A path through the colorfull surroundings with colorfull walls at Cueva de los Verdes - Lanzarote

Cueva de los Verdes

Location : 18 mi from Arrecife - 35 minutes drive | Category : Nature

The cave Cueva de los Verdes is located on the Northern part of Lanzarote. Cueva de los Verdes is created by multiple volcanic eruptions. The corridors of the cave have a length of approximately 4.5 miles. When you book a tour at Cueva de los Verdes you will visit approximately 1.2 miles of corridors. During this tour you will see many beautiful scenes including magnificent light effects.

View on the plains with several hills and mountains at National Park Timanfaya - Lanzarote

National Park Timanfaya

Location : 18 mi from Arrecife - 35 minutes drive | Category : Nature

National Park Timanfaya is located on the Western part of Lanzarote. The park has a surface of 20 sq miles. National Park Timanfaya is created by multiple volcanic eruptions which started in 1730. Scattered throughout the park are about 25 craters and 100 volcanic cones, which makes it look like a moonscape. National Park Timanfaya has several walking routes. You can also hire a guide which will show the best and most beautiful places of National Park Timanfaya.

View on the coastline and crystal clear on sea on a sunny day Mirrador del Rio - Lanzarote

Mirador del Rio

Location : 20 mi from Arrecife - 40 minutes drive | Category : Nature

Mirador del Rio is located on the Northern part of Lanzarote. Viewpoint Mirador del Rio has been designed by Cesár Manrique. Mirador del Rio is located at an height of 0.3 mi and provides a beautiful view on La Graciosa. Besides the beautiful view also the architecture of Mirador del Rio is worthwhile. At the restaurant of Mirador del Rio you can have drink while you enjoy the magnificent view.

Waves breaking on the rocks of two caves of Los Hervideros with mountains in the background - Lanzarote

Los Hervideros

Location : 20 mi from Arrecife - 35 minutes drive | Category : Nature

Los Hervideros is a rockformation on the Southwestern part of Lanzarote. The cliffs of Los Hervideros are lava stone. Through the centuries erosion has created caves inside the cliffs. Especially when the sea is rough it is a magnificent spectacle to see the waves breaking on Los Hervideros. Los Hervideros has several walking routes which offer beautiful views. At some locations you will encounter holes which make it possible to look into the caves.

View on the entrance of Castillo de Santa Barbara protected by two cannons - Lanzarote

Castillo de Santa Barbara

Location : 9 mi from Arrecife - 20 minutes drive | Category : History

Castillo de Santa Barbara is the oldest castle of Lanzarote and the Canary Islands. The castle is located in the town Teguise. The castle has been built in the 16th century and functioned as protection against pirates. Castillo de Santa Barbara was also a safe haven for the local population when it became to dangerous. Nowadays it’s a museum where you can learn about attacks by pirates through the centuries. From Castillo de Santa Barbara you also have a beautiful view on Lanzarote.

A woman at a market stall who sells fabrics and handmade leather stools in Teguise - Lanzarote


Location : 9 mi from Arrecife - 20 minutes drive | Category : Culture and History

Till 1852 Teguise was the capital of Lanzarote. Throughout Teguise you will find several sights and tourist attractions of which Castillo de Santa Barbara the best known. Besides these sights and tourist attractions you will find the architecture and buildings as characteristic houses worth the effort to visit this town. On Sundays Teguise has market where you can be all kinds of imitation products.

View on the black beach, lake with green water and clear sea with rocks at El Golfo - Lanzarote

El Golfo

Location : 20 mi from Arrecife - 40 minutes drive | Category : Nature

El Golfo is a small village on Southwestern Lanzarote. El Golfo is mainly known for the crater which is partly on land and partly in sea. At the center of the crater is a small lake named Lago Verde. Because of the algae the water is green, which is also explained by the name, Verde means green. This location is used as a film location for the James Bond movie Thunderball. The small village El Golfo has many restaurants and bars where you can relax and enjoy a meal or a drink while you enjoy the view on sea.

View from Lanzarote on the small island Isla Graciosa and the clear sea on a sunny day - Lanzarote

Isla Graciosa

Location : 30 mi from Arrecife - 1.5 hours drive / sail | Category : Nature

Isla Graciosa is a small island North of Lanzarote. The island has a surface 11.5 sq mi and has a population of approximately 600. Isla Graciose is mainly known for the beaches as for example Playa de las Conchas. Besides the beaches the island is ideal for divers because the surrounding sea is full of fish. This automatically makes it also ideal for fishers.

A quietly relaxing and lying Syberian Tiger with blue eyes at Park Rancho Texas - Lanzarote

Rancho Texas

Location : 6 mi from Arrecife - 15 minutes drive | Category : Amusement park, Zoo and Kids

Rancho Texas Park is located on the Eastern part of Lanzarote. Rancho Texas offers all kinds of entertainment. There is a zoo where you can see exotic animals as tigers and monkeys. The park also has several pools and daily shows. In Rancho Texas you also find multiple restaurants where you can eat. All of this makes Rancho Texas an ideal location to spend a day with the entire family.

A girl going down a blue slide and hits the water at Aqua Park Lanzarote - Lanzarote

Aquapark Lanzarote

Location : 6 mi from Arrecife - 15 minutes drive | Category : Amusement park and Kids

Aquapark Lanzarote is located on the Eastern part Lanzarote. Aquapark Lanzarote is a waterpark with multiple pools, slides and more. You can also play paintball at Aquapark Lanzarote. In the park are several restaurants and shops. Aquapark Lanzarote is an ideal location to visit with the entire family.

View  on the beach and calm sea on a sunny day at Puerto del Carmen - Lanzarote

Puerto del Carmen

Location : 9 mi from Arrecife - 20 minutes drive | Category : Sea and Beach

Puerto del Carmen is the most popular beach resort for families with children. The beach is very child friendly and several activities are offered to entertain the children at the beach of Puerto del Carmen. Also the water is very clear.


On Lanzarote many activities are possible.

The waters surrounding Lanzarote are ideal for diving. According to many the best divespots of Europe are here. For some locations you need a permit to dive. On Lanzarote are several dive schools where you can book lessons, excursions and rent equipment. The prices per dive are approximately € 30, equipment is not included.

Lanzarote has 2 18-holes golfcourses; Costa Teguise and Lanzarote Golf Resort. Both courses are par 72. You can also book lessons at these golfcourses. The level of the lessons vary between beginner and experienced golfer. Off course it is possible to rent clubs, trolleys and golf carts.

The unspoiled nature and rough landscape make Lanzarote ideal for mountainbiking. The many hills and volcanic landscapes make it a true challenge. Nowadays the island has a mountainbike trail of approximately 125 miles which guides you through Lanzarote.

The wind makes Lanzarote one of the best surf locations in Europe. Many surfers, wind and kite surfers, find their way to Lanzarote during the summer. Especially during these months the climate for surfing is perfect because of the trade wind on Lanzarote. The most popular locations for surfing are Caleta de Famara, Puerto del Carmen and Playa de los Pocillos.

Entertainment and Nightlife

Bars and clubs
Lanzarote has a lot of nightspots, but the highest concentration of bars and clubs and the most popular location is Puerto del Carmen. Especially the Avenida de las Playas is very popular. Here you will find the most bars and clubs. Other places like Costa Teguise are growing in popularity, there you will find also more than enough bars and clubs.

It’s possible to have perfect diners on Lanzarote. At many restaurants it is possible to have delicious traditional meals against fair prices. In the hotels it is almost always impossible to order traditional dishes. The kitchens in the hotels are often English oriented.

How to get there

Lanzarote can be reached in 2 different ways.

In most cases Lanzarote can’t be reached by direct flights. Often you have to transfer on Tenerife or Gran Canaria to take a connecting flight to Lanzarote.

Lanzarote can also be reached by boat from the other Canary Islands. Two large operators offer daily crossings between the Canary Islands. The operators are Fred Olsen and Armas. In general the boats are well maintained and the crossings are a pleasant experience.


On Lanzarote it is possible to find an accommodation for each budget. The highest concentration of accommodations on the island can be found in Puerto del Carmen, Teguise and Playa Blanca. From the middle class hotels and up you will have all the comfort you need. In most cases these kind of hotels have swimming pools, restaurants and well maintained rooms.