Gran Canaria, Teror - Canary Islands


Gran Canaria is a volcanic island with a surface of approximately 600 sq mi and is part of the Canary Islands. Surface wise it is the third biggest islands but with a population of 850,000 it is the second largest island population wise. Las Palmas is the biggest city and capital of Gran Canaria. Las Palmas has a population of approximately 385,000. The pleasant temperature all year, dry climate and many beaches make Gran Canaria the ideal holiday location for sun, sea and beach vacations or for wintering. Gran Canaria also has a lot of sights and tourist attractions. Some sights and tourist attractions on Gran Canaria which are worth your time are Teror, Palmitos Park and Roque Nublo. Besides that there are more then enough activities which you can enjoy as for example golf, walking, sailing, surfing and diving.

  • Two dolphins which are playing in a crystal clear sea - Gran Canaria
  • Camels with seats on their back waiting for the camel tour - Gran Canaria
  • A surfer in action on breaking waves - Gran Canaria
  • A dusty track with a wooden cross in the unspoiled nature with a view on the mountains - Gran Canaria
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Sights and Tourist Attractions

An ancient and picturesque street with colorful houses and balconies in Teror - Gran Canaria


Location : 15 mi from Las Palmas - 30 minutes drive | Category : Culture and history

The Teror is according to many the most beautiful village on Gran Canaria. Although Teror has become a real tourist attraction it still managed to maintain its authenticity. The picturesque Teror has multiple sights and tourist attractions including the Basilisk Basilica de Nuestre Señora del Pino and the Plaza Nuestre Señora del Pino. In the Basilica de Nuestre Señora del Pino you will find an old statue of the virgin Maria. According to legacy the Holy virgin Maria has showed herself on the 8{super]th[/super] of September 1481. Therefor every year Fiesta de la Virgin del Pino is being held on the 8th of September. During this festival many people go to Teror by pilgrimage.

An old orange and brown building with three flags in front in Valsequilo - Gran Canaria


Location : 20 mi from Las Palmas - 40 minutes drive | Category : Culture and History

The characteristic village Valsequilo is located in the middle of Gran Canaria in a rural setting. Valsequilo has a historic center and this in combination with the surrounding neighborhoods give a good impression on the history of this region. There are also a few sights and tourist attractions in Valsequilo including Cuartel de Caballería de Colmenar and Iglesia de San Miguel Arcángel. At the outskirts of Valsequilo are the caves Roque del Saucillo. This is the place where people lived before the Spanish conquest. Besides all the sights and tourist attractions Valsequilo is also known for the many good restaurants where you can have local dishes.

The rock Roque Nublo on a sunny day with a view on the valley - Gran Canaria

Roque Nublo

Location : 28 mi from Las Palmas - 1 hour drive | Category : Nature

Roque Nublo is also known as Rock in the Clouds and is the most famous rock on Gran Canaria. Roque Nublo has a height of 88 yards. On a clear day it is possible to see Roque Noble from everywhere on Gran Canaria. To reach Roque Nublo you can get very close only the last part to the top at 1.1 mi (where Roque Nublo is located) you have to walk. On a clear day you will have a beautiful view and it is even possible to see Tenerife. Your visit to Roque Nublo can be perfectly combined with a visit to Pico de las Nieves.

Clouds and fog above a valley seen from Pico de las Nieves - Gran Canaria

Pico de las Nieves

Location : 25 mi from Las Palmas - 1 hour drive | Category : Nature

Pico de las Nieves is with a height of approximately 6,400ft the highest mountain on Gran Canaria. Pico de las Nieves is located in the middle of Gran Canaria. On a clear day you have a beautiful view on the entire island. Keep in mind that on top of the Pico de las Nieves it can get very cold and misty. A visit to Pico de las Nieves can perfectly be combined with a visit to Roque Nublo.

Three dolpins which are playing with airbubbles in a basin of Palmitos Park - Gran Canaria

Palmitos Park

Location : 45 mi from Las Palmas - 1 hour drive | Price : Adults 28.50 euro - children 21 euro | Category : Children and zoo

The Palmitos Park is a park on the Southern part of Gran Canaria. This park has different sections as a zoo, botanical garden, cactus garden and a butterfly house. Besides the many activities the Palmitos Park offers daily shows with dolphins, birds of prey and parrots. You will also find different kind of restaurants in the Palmitos Park. This all combined makes it an ideal location to spend a day with children.

A traditional white and blue fishermans house with buoys attached to the wall in Puerto de las Nieves - Gran Canaria

Puerto de las Nieves

Location : 20 mi from Las Palmas - 35 minutes drive | Category : Culture and History

Puerto de las Nieves is a town on the Northwestern part of Gran Canaria. Puerto de las Nieves is characteristic and picturesque fishing village. The village has a small harbor which is also the starting point of the boulevard. The Paseo de los Poetas boulevard has many small shops, restaurants and bars which makes it ideal for walk. Nowadays Puerto de las Nieves is a popular place for a daytrip.

View on a golf course in a green valley on cloudy with sunbeams near Pico de Bandama - Gran Canaria

Pico de Bandama

Location : 11 mi from Las Palmas- 20 minutes drive | Category : Nature

Pico de Bandama is a mountain with a height of 623yd on Northeastern Gran Canaria. Pico de Bandama is located next to the crater Caldera de Bandama. From Pico de Bandama you will have a beautiful view on this crater with a depth of 218 yd and the island. The crater has a diameter of approximately 0.6 mi. In this crater you will see a small farm and several old ruins. There are several different hiking routes on and around Pico de Bandama.

A Laurel tree in the wooded nature park Reserva Natural Integral de Barranco Oscuro - Gran Canaria

Reserva Natural Integral de Barranco Oscuro

Location : 16 mi from Las Palmas - 30 minutes drive | Category : Nature

The Reserva Natural Integral de Barranco Oscuro is a nature park of 85 ac on Northern Gran Canaria. At the Reserva Natural Integral de Barranco Oscuro park you will find different kinds of flora and fauna. The park is mainly known as the largest Laurel oak forest of Gran Canaria. In addition the Reservan Natural Integral de Barranco Oscuro park also has different species of native animals of which some are only found on Gran Canaria. At this park you can really enjoy the nature while you walk.

An old brown cathedral with two towers in La Veguata - Gran Canaria

La Vegueta

Location : Las Palmas | Category : Culture and history

La Vegueta is a historic neighborhood in the capital Las Palmas on Northern Gran Canaria. In the neighborhood La Vegueta are many sights and tourist attractions including very old buildings. The most popular buildings are Santa Ana Cathedral, Casa de Colon and Casa Consistorial. The cathedral is located at a beautiful square with several bronze statues and surrounded by beautiful buildings. The Casa de Colon is a nice museum. The area of La Vegueta is an ideal location to spend a day walking around and sightseeing.

An old and picturesque street with cobblestones and colorful buildings in Galdar - Gran Canaria


Location : 15 mi from Las Palmas - 30 minutes drive | Category : Culture and History

Galdar is an authentic town on the Northern part of Gran Canaria. Plaza de Santiago square is located at the center of Galdar. The chuch Iglesia de Santiago de los Caballeros is located at this square. At Plaza de Santiago you will also find the oldest Dragontree (according to the locals). At this square are also 2 traditional bars located, where you can have a drink and enjoy Galdar. On Sundays a market is organized in Galdar. This is not a touristic market. At the market you can by local products.

The rock-hewn buildings and houses at Barranco de Guayadeque - Gran Canaria

Barranco de Guayadeque

Location : 18 mi from Las Palmas - 40 minutes drive | Category : Nature and history

The ravine Barranco de Guayadeque is located on the Eastern part of Gran Canaria. At this beautiful ravine of 2.8 sq mi different old cavehouses are found. Many of the artefacts displayed at the Canarian Archeological Museum are found by archeologists at Barranco de Guayadeque. Besides the caves the nature of Barranco de Guayadeque is incredibly beautiful.

The crowded beach and clear and quiet sea on a sunny day at Playa del Ingles - Gran Canaria

Playa del Ingles

Location : 30 mi from Las Palmas - 40 minutes drive | Category : Beach and Sea

Playa del Ingles is a sandy beach of approximately 4.5 miles. The beach is located near Maspalomas. The beach is very child friendly and many activities as for example pedalo and banana boats are available. The sea gets gradually deeper and is crystal clear, which makes it also perfect for snorkeling and diving.


On Gran Canaria many activities are offered. Underneath we have made a short list of the most popular activities.

Dolphin watching
Dolphin watching is an ideal way to watch these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. From multiple locations daily excursions depart. If you would like to go dolphin watching it is possible to book these excursions at almost all tourist agencies

The sea surrounding Gran Canaria is a good location for diving. The sealife is very diverse. It is possible to see many differenties species of fish as for example barracuda, manta rays and mureens. Besides the fish the coral is very beautiful and you can find caves and shipwrecks. The temperature of the water is all year approximately 70°F (22°C). A dive excursion will cost approximately 30 euro (excluding diving gear). It is possible to rent the equipment at most operators.

It is possible to book camelsafaris on several locations on Gran Canaria. Camel safaris are a fun and special way to explore the island. One of the many places which you can visit during the safari are the dunes of Maspalomas on the Southern part of Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria is a popular location for surfers and therefor the island is also known as the Hawaii of the Atlantic Ocean. Especially the Northern part of Gran Canaria is very popular amongst surfers. At many tourist resorts you will find surf schools where you can take lessons and rent equipment.

Walking / Hiking
Walking is a perfect way to explore Gran Canaria. For example you can walk through the unspoiled nature or the many cultural and characteristic locations on Gran Canaria.

Entertainment and Nightlife

Gran Canaria has a vibrant nightlife. Especially in the region of Playa de Ingles are many bars and clubs. At most establishments you won’t have to pay an entrance fee. In case you have to pay an entrance fee often a free drink is included.

On Gran Canaria many different kind of kitchens are represented. It is also possible to eat for almost all kind of budgets. But off course we recommend you to at least try the local dishes. Gran Canaria is especially known for the seafood dishes.

How to get there

Gran Canaria can be reached in two different ways;

Gran Canaria can be reached by boat from Tenerife. Daily boats departs from Tenerife to Gran Canaria. The boats arrive at the capital Las Palmas.

Gran Canaria has one airport named Aeropuerto Gran Canaria. This airport is located 12 miles South of Las Palmas. Multiple flights arrive here each every day from all over Europe.


On Gran Canaria it is possible to find an accommodation for each budget. From cheap hostels in the inlands to the very luxurious hotels at the tourist resorts as for example Playa del Ingles. Therefor it is easy to find a place to stay on Gran Canaria. Staying on Gran Canaria can be very expensive but this all depends on your wishes and demands.