Geography of the Canary Islands


The Canary Islands are an archipelago of 2,900 sq mi. The Canary Islands consists of 7 volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean West of Morocco. These islands geographical belong to the continent of Africa, but are part of Spain. Besides the seven main islands are six smaller islands which belong to the Canary Islands. On the 7 islands approximately 2.1 million people live divided as shown below:

  1. Tenerife 906.000 citizens
  2. Gran Canaria 850.000 citizens
  3. Lanzarote 140.000 citizens
  4. Fuerteventura 105.000 citizens
  5. La Palma 85.000 citizens
  6. La Gomera 25.000 citizens
  7. El Hierro 10.000 citizens

  • View on the mountains at Valle Gran Rey - La Gomera
  • View on Pico la Zarza from the road to Pico la Zarza - Fuerteventura
  • View from a viewpoint on Mirador de Bascos and the sea - El Hierro
  • View on sunny Punta del Papagayo with crystal clear water - Lanzarote
f.l.t.r.: Valle Gran Rey - La Gomera | Pico la Zarza - Fuerteventura | Mirador de Bascos - El Hierro | Punta del Papagayo - Lanzarote .

National Parks

The Canary Islands have different kinds of landscapes from vast sand dunes to large lavastone plains till grape plantations and mountains. Therefor these islands are ideal for people who enjoy pure nature, walkers and hikers. On the Canary Islands are four official National Parks, these parks are:


Offcourse you will find many beaches and bays on the Canary Islands. The largest part of these beaches are black sand beaches and not all of them are suited for the so called sun, sea and relax holidays.