Food and Drinks on the Canary Islands


As to be expected in the coastal regions of the Canary Islands fish dishes dominate the menus. Some of the dishes which are on almost every menu are; Dorado a la sal, Atun and Adobo. When you go further inlands you will notice that meat dishes will dominate the menu. Some of the more popular meat dishes are Conejo and Salmorejo (rabit), Chuletas and Carne de Cabra and salsa (goatmeat). Off course you will also find dishes as Tapas and Paella on many menus. The desserts are often very sweat and very heavy.

  • Fried squid (calamari) with potatoes and various spices in a gravy - Canary Islands
  • A glass of Sangria with a orange, mint and ice - Canary Islands
  • A red and green sauce called Mojo - Canary Islands
  • A plate full of Tapas including calamari, shrimps, peppers and potatoes - Canary Islands
f.l.t.r.: Calamari | Sangria | Mojo sauce | Tapas dish .


The Canary Islands are particularly known for the delicious wines which are produced on the islands. One of the most famous wines is Malvasia which is produced on the islands La Palma and Lanzarote. Off course you can also find great sherry and sangria on the Canary Islands. For those who doesn’t like wine you can also enjoy the really good locally brewed beers as for example Dorado and Tropical or one (or more) of the delicious cocktails. And if you don’t like alcohol you can always have delicious fruit juices.


The water on the Canary Islands from the tap is not suited for consumption because of the high concentration of chloride. You can use the water for brushing your teeth and for bathing but you can’t drink it. For water to drink you have to buy bottles.