Ubud, Goa Gajah - Bali


Ubud is a village with 8,000 citizens in Central Bali approximately 12.5 miles from Denpasar. The region of Ubud and surrounding villages is seen as the Cultural capital of Bali. Therefor you will find many artists, museums and beautiful architecture in this area. Tourism in Ubud started in the 1930s and has grown staidly ever since. Besides the many sights and tourist attractions in Ubud you will also find beautiful nature in this area as for example rice fields, forests and caves.

  • A path through the landscape of grass and forests near Ubud Bali
  • A golden statue at the Blanco Museum in Ubud
  • Crap-eating monkeys which are grooming eachother near Ubud
  • Masks and statues at the Agung Rai Museum in Ubud Bali
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Sights and Tourist Attractions

Because Ubud is located near Denpasar and Sanur you will find more sights and tourist attractions at those locations which you can visit during your stay in Ubud.

A head where the mouth is the entrance to the cave Goa Gajah

Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave)

Location : 4 miles from City Center - 10 minutes drive | Price : Rp 15,000 | Category : Culture and history

Goa Gajah is located Southeast of Ubud and is also known as the Elephant Cave. Some parts of Goa Gajah have been discovered in the 1950s. And some parts of Goa Gajah are nominated for the Unesco World heritage list. The first discovery of the Elephant Cave was made by Dutch archeologists. At this location you can see handcarved statues, ponds and a waterfall. In the surroundings of Goa Gajah you will find rice paddies and beautiful sceneries.

Path leading to the from the rocks carved statues at Yeh Pulu

Yeh Pulu

Location : 2.5 mi from City Center - 10 minutes drive | Price : Rp 15,000 | Category : History and Culture

Yeh Pulu is a temple in Ubud which is known for the rock drawings and bas relief from the 14th century. These drawings show different animals and the everyday life in the 14th century. Yeh Pulu is located near Goa Gajah and are within walking distance from each other.

View on the handcarved statues which were carved centuries ago at Gunung Kawi

Gunung Kawi

Location : 10 mi from City Center - 20 minutes drive | Category : Culture and history

Gunung Kawi is a from rockformations handcarved tomb and temple complex in Tampaksiring. This 11th century complex has been built to honor the wifes of Anak Wungsu who assumedly lived here. To reach Gunung Kawi you have to descend a stair with 370 steps. If you would like to go to the temple you have to take off your shoes. Gunung Kawi has beautiful rice paddies named Pakrisan which dived the complex in 2 parts. Gunung Kawi also has caves for meditation. In the past former presidents were here to meditate as well. If you go downstream for approximately 0.7miles you will find the tombs.

A stair which leads to the with goldplated door at Pura Kehen

Pura Kehen

Location : 20 miles from City Center - 40 minutes drive | Price : Rp 6,000 | Category: Culture and history

Pura Kehen is a 11th century temple and according to many the most beautiful temple on Bali. To reach the temple you have to descend a 40 steps stair. At the center of the complex you will find the Pura Kehen temple with a roof of eleven layers. In the garden you will find various statues. Pura Kehen is an important temple where regularly ceremonies are being held. If you want to visit this temple you have to wear appropriate clothing. For example you have to cover your legs.

Views on the Blanco Museum taken from the garden with fountain

Blanco Renaissance Museum

Location : 1.5 mi from City Center - 5 minutes drive | Price : Rp 50,000 | Category : Art and Culture

The Blanco Renaissance Museum in Ubud is a museum located in the former house of the 1999 deceased artist Antonio Blanco. At the museum multiple paintings are shown but also paintings which were under construction. At the garden of the Blanco Rennaisance Museum you will see beautiful flora and fauna while you walk around.

Modern art in a room with marble floor at the Agung Rai Museum

Agung Rai Museum of Arts

Location : 2 mi from City Center - 5 minutes drive | Price : Rp 40,000 | Category : Art and Culture

The Agung Rai Museum of Arts is also known as the ARMA Museum. At the museum you can see works of different artists. These artist are born on Bali or lived there. Besides the art which is shown you can also go to workshops at the Agung Rai Museum of Arts.

Different skulls exposted in the village of Trunyan


Location : 25 miles from City Center - 1 hour drive | Category : Culture, history and religion

Trunyan is a small village at Lake Batur. In this village the native Balinese live known as the Bali Aga. The special thing in Trunyan is that people are “buried” above ground only protected from the environment by sticks which are placed around the body. Miraculously enough the smell in Trunyan isn’t as bad as you would expect. This is mainly because of the tree Taru Menyan. The bodies are placed under tree which masks the smell.


Ubud has a couple of locations where you can take cookingcourses. At these courses you will learn the intricacies of preparing traditional Balinese dishes.

Yoga and meditation course
At several locations in Ubud it’s possible to take yoga and meditation lessons. At these courses you will learn techniques which can help you find inner peace. The prices of these lesson are approximately Rp 10,000 per lesson.

It is possible to go rafting on the Ayung river near Ubud. The river is classified as Class II and III and is the wildest during the rainy season. It’s an ideal way to do something exciting in a beautiful environment.

Ubud and its surroundings are ideal for walking. A few popular locations are Bali Bird Park, Botanic gardens and the Monkey Forest. At these locations you walk around and enjoy the beautiful nature of Bali.

Entertainment and Nightlife

Ubud has several spas where you can have wonderful treatments. The prices of the spas in Ubud vary and depend on the chosen treatments.

Ubud has a lot of restaurants. Ubud is known for the high quality of food. There are many different kind of restaurants from budget to extreme luxurious and award winning restaurants. Also all kinds of kitchens are represented Ubud from Traditional Balinese to French and Italian.

Ubud doesn’t have a vibrant nightlife because of the local law which prohibits loud music and live performances after 22:30. Most people have dinner and maybe one or two drinks and leave it to that. However there are a few small bars in Ubud if you want to go out and have a drink.

How to get there

Ubud can be reached in two ways, by car/taxi or bus.

From Denpasar you can reach Ubud by car or taxi. A taxi will cost approximately Rp. 100,000 and it is about a 30 minutes drive. From Kuta, Seminyak and Legian a trip will take approximately 45 minutes and will cost Rp 200,000.

From the airport near Denpasar you can take the bus to Ubud. Four times per day a bus leaves to Ubud and a ticket will cost approximately Rp. 50,000.


There are a lot of different kinds of accommodations in and around Ubud. From low budget guesthouses to very luxurious villas can be booked in this region.

In Ubud you will find many lowbudget stays as guesthouses and bed and breakfasts. Therefor it’s perfect for lowbudget travelling. These kind of stays only facilitate in the basic needs and have no luxury. The prices of these lowbudget accommodations in Ubud are between Rp 75,000 and Rp 300,000 per night.

Middle Class
There are also more then enough middle class accommodations in Ubud. These hotels are well maintained and clean. Often these hotels also facilitate swimmingpools, restaurants and bars. Besides that these middle class accommodations have rooms which have airco, fridge and private bathrooms. The prices of the middle class accommodations in Ubud are from Rp 250,000 to Rp 1,000,000 per night.

In Ubud there is also no lack of luxurious resorts. These kind of luxurious resorts, hotels and villas facilitate everything you can imagine and make sure their guests have everything they wish for. The prices of these accommodations in Ubud start at Rp 1,000,000 and can get as expensive as Rp 3,000,000 or even more per night.