Seminyak, Pura Petitenget - Bali


Seminyak is a small coastal village approximately 7 miles South of Denpasar just North of Kuta and Legian. During the 90s Seminyak was just a small village and absolutely not touristic. Since then Seminyakhas grown to one of the most exclusive locations on Bali. The prices here are much higher than in other places on Bali. Because the exclusive character the more expensive shops and brands can be found here as well.

  • Horseback riding at the beach of Seminyak during sunset
  • A surfer in action in the sea near Seminyak
  • Seminyak beach at low tide on a sunny day.
  • A man surfing near Seminyak.
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Sights and Tourist Attractions

Because Seminyak is close to Kuta and Denpasar you can find more sights and tourist attractions at these locations which you can visit during your stay in Seminyak.

The three stairs and entrances of the temple Pura Petitenget

Pura Petitenget

Location : 3 mi from City Center - 10 minutes drive | Category : Culture and history

Pura Petitenget is an important seatemple near Seminyak which has been built as ordered by the priest Niratha. This is one of six seatemples alongside the coastline to protect Bali against evil spirits from the sea. During Balinese holidays this temple is very crowded because of the many beautiful ceremonies which are being held.


Horse riding
In and around Seminyak are several stables where it’s possible to rent horses. You can use the horses to explore the area of Seminyak and ride for example on the beach or rice paddies.

In and around Seminyak are several surfing schools where you can rent equipment and take lessons. Often these school organize excursions to better locations for surfing. These excursions are based on your own level so from beginner to advanced surfer can book suited excursions.

About 40 minutes from Seminyak is a golfcourse, near Pura Tanah Lot. The golfourse is surrounded by rice paddies, forest and rivers. Therefor it’s an ideal location to play golf in beautiful surroundings.

Entertainment and Nightlife

According to Balinese standards the prices in Seminyak are high for dining. Therefor you won’t find many low budget accommodations for dining. All kinds of kitchens are represented in Seminyak from traditional Balinese to French and Italian. Alongside the beach you will find more exclusive restaurants where you can have a romantic diner and enjoy the sunset.

Seminyak has more than enough bars where you can go out at night. Also the prices are above average. At these bars you can order good and original cocktails, but these cocktails are expensive. Seminyak is also known for the drug scene.

Seminyak is known for the many good spas. Although the prices are pretty high for Balinese standards they are relatively cheap compared to western prices. The spas are equipped with a luxury and comfort and it is possible to get many different kind of treatments.

How to get there

Seminyak can easily be reached by car or taxi. A taxi from the airport near Denpasar will cost approximately Rp. 60,000 and will take around 15 minutes. It is also possible to take a taxi from Legian and Kuta to Seminyak. A taxi from Legian will cost approximately Rp 15,000 and from Kuta Rp 30,000.


Seminyak is mainly known for the more luxurious accommodations. Therefor it will be hard to find a low budget stay.

Low budget
In Seminyak it’ll be hard to find a lowbudget stay or accommodation. The budget stays which can be found offer more luxury and comfort than these kind of stays in other cities. Therefor the price is also higher and starts at approximately Rp 300,000 per night.

Middle Class
There are a bit more middle class stays than budget stays but still there are not a lot of middle class accommodations. The middle class stays which you can find in Seminyak will, in most cases, offer more comfort as for example roomservice, swimmingpools and restaurants. The prices of these kinds of stay vary between Rp 450,000 and Rp 1,000,000 per night.

There is no lack of luxurious hotels, resorts and villas. These kind of accommodations are all located on top locations and offer all the luxury and comfort you can imagine. The cost of these kind of luxurious accommodations in Seminyak start at Rp 1,000,000 per night and can get really expensive really fast depending on your wishes.