Nusa Lembongan, Sandy Bay, Dreambeach - Bali


Nusa Lembongan is a small island of 3 square miles with approximately 7,000 citizens. Nusa Lembongan is located about 10 miles East of Denpasar. The island is less crowded then the Southern part of Bali. Nusa Lembongan was first discovered by surfers because of three ideal surfing locations. In addition, Nusa Lembongan is ideal for diving and snorkeling excursion because of the beautiful coral reef. Offcourse Nusa Lembogan has beautiful white sand beaches as for example Sandy Bay and Dreambeach.

  • Big waves breaking on the rocks on a sunny at Devils Tear
  • A surfer on a big breaking wave at the sea of Nusa Lembongan
  • Jungut Batu Beach and the sea seen through the rooftops.
  • The yellow Suspension Bridge which connects Nusa Ceningan with Nusa Lembongan
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Sights and Tourist Attractions

River through the middle of the Mangrove forest with on both sides the Mangrove forest

Mangrove Forrest

Location : 1.5 mi from City Center - 10 minutes drive | Category : Nature, sea and beach

The Mangrove forrest is located in the North of Nusa Lembongan. It’s an ideal location to enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna from a boat. At high tide the lagoons are suited for swimming, also for children. Besides the mangrove you will find a beach in the North where you can walk and enjoy the view.

Many boats on the beach and in the sea at Jungut Batu Beach

Jungut batu Beach

Location : 0.6 mi from City Center - 5 minutes drive | Category : Nature, sea and beach

Jungut Batu beach is the longest beach of Nusa Lembongan. The sea at Jungut Batu beach is because of the many boats unsuited for swimming. However, it is a beautiful beach which is perfectly suited for a nice long walk. The area around the beach is used to dry seaweed which can give an unpleasant smell.

The rough sea at Sandy Bay in the early morning

Sandy Bay

Location : 1.5mi from City Center - 10 minutes drive | Category : Nature, sea and beach

Sandy bay, also known as Sunset Beach, is a beautiful beach on the Westcoast of Nusa Lembongan. Here the sea can be wild and the currents treacherous. So you have to be very careful when you swim in Sandy Bay. Alongside the shore, which is mostly made of limestone, you will find several caves. At Sandy Bay are several restaurants where you can eat and enjoy the sunset.

The beautiful beach and the clear sea at Dreambeach


Location : 2.5 mi from City Center - 15 minutes drive | Category : Nature, Sea and beach

Dreambeach is a white sand beach at the Southcoast of Nusa Lembongan. The beach is ideal for a day of relaxing. The sea is pretty wild and the currents can be dangerous so we recommend you not to swim at Dreambeach. Dreambeach is perfect for a walk and to enjoy nature. Near the beach is a resort and a bar where you can have a drink or dinner.

The beach and the sea at Mushroom Bay with a lot of boats on a sunny day.

Mashroom Bay Beach

Location : 1.5 mi from City Center - 10 minutes drive | Category : Nature, sea and beach

Mushroom Bay beach is a beautiful white sand beach on the Southwestern part of Nusa Lembongan. The sea is relatively calm and the water is clear. Along the beach are different restaurants and bars where you can have dinner or a drink. Mushroom Bay is called after the mushroom coral which can be found just outside shore of Mushroom Bay beach.

Big waves breaking on the rocks of Devils Tear

Devil's Tear

Location : 2.5 mi from City Center - 10 minutes drive | Category : Nature and sea

Devil’s Tear is a limestone beach in the Southwest of Nusa Lembongan. At this location waves break on the rocks in a spectacular way. When the sea is wild the waves reach several yards above the rocks. It is a true show of the force of nature. Devil’s Tear is obvious not suited for swimming no matter how crystal clear and beautiful the sea is at this location.

An altar made of stone with offers at Pura Puncak Sari

Pura Puncak Sari

Location : 1.5mi from City Center - 10 minutes walk | Category : Culture and history

Pura Puncak Sari is also known as the Puncak Sari temple, because Pura means temple. This temple is just outside the village of Lembongan. It is the oldest Hindu temple on Nusa Lembongan. The temple is located on a hill which provides a beautiful view on the forest and the nature of Nusa Lembongan. The trip to Pura Puncak Sari alone is very beautiful because of the many viewpoints on the Indian Ocean.

The yellow Suspension Bridge which connects Nusa Ceningan with Nusa Lembongan

Suspension Bridge

Location : 2 mi from City Center - 15 minutes drive | Category : Achitecture

The Suspension bridge connects Nusa Lembongan to the island of Nusa Ceningan. Allthough the yellow bridge with wooden path looks unstable it is a safe bridge. It’s worthwhile to use the Suspension bridge when you visit Nusa Ceningan. The bridge can creak and squeak which will sometimes lead to hilarious scenes. When the weather is too bad the bridge will be closed.

A handmade hallway in the underground house Gala Gala.

Gala Gala Underground House

Location : 2 mi from City Center - 15 minutes drive | Category : Achitecture and history

The Gala Gala underground house has been built between 1961 and 1976. The entire house is carved by hand. The house has a livingroom, dinningroom and bedroom. Offcourse the house also has a kitchen and there’s a room for meditation. At the entrance you will find several souvenir stands where you can buy gifts as sarongs, shorts and handicrafts.


Nusa Lembongan is perfect for walking. There are several area with beautiful beaches and nature without interference by men. If you walk in a steady past it’s possible to walk from one side of Nusa Lembongan to the other side in 2 hours.

Diving and snorkeling
Nusa Lembongan is ideal for snorkeling and diving holidays. In the vicinity of Nusa Lembongan are several locations where you can go diving or snorkeling. A shipwreck and a beautiful coral reef are two of the options. At these locations you can encounter sharks and turtles. The watertemperature around Nusa Lembongan is pleasant and most times you will have a clear view. There are several diving schools on Nusa Lembongan where you can rent equipment and book excursions or lessons.

Nusa Lembongan is very suited for surfing, especially the Westcoast. This region is suited for the more advanced surfer. The best time to go to Nusa Lembongan for surfing is in the months April to October. On Nusa Lembongan are several schools where you can learn to surf and rent equipment.

Entertainment and Nightlife

There is no lack of restaurants on Nusa Lembongan. The quality is very diverse and goes from excellent to poor quality. Therefor the prices vary as well. On the menu you will find all kinds of dishes from traditional Balinese to western dishes.

Nusa Lembongan isn’t known for its vibrant nightlife. At the larger hotels and resorts the restaurants are turned into bars at night. At the beaches of Nusa Lembongan you will find small bars and pubs where you can enjoy very good cocktails.

How to get there

The only way to get to Nusa Lembongan is by boat which departs from Bali. The best departure point is Sanur. A crossing will cost you approximately Rp 250,000 and it will take about 30 minutes. The boats depart from several points in Sanur depending on the tide.


On Nusa Lembongan are many different kind of accommodations from very cheap to incredible luxurious private villas.

On Nusa Lembongan are more then enough lowbudget accommodations. But you won’t find any kind of luxury at these kind of stays. In most cases you’ll only have cold water on the room and you even have to share the toilet and bathroom with other guests. Sometimes it is possible to get airco on your room if you pay more. The prices for lowbudget are between Rp 100,000 and Rp 300,000 per night.

Middle Class
There are a lot of middle class accommodations on Nusa Lembongan. In most cases it are bungalows on or near the beach. The rooms are fully equipped and you will have a private bathroom. The prices for the Middle class stay on Nusa Lembongan are between Rp 300,000 and Rp 1,000,000 per night.

On Nusa Lembongan are a few very luxurious hotels, resorts and beachvillas. These kind of stays provide in all the luxury and comfort you can imagine. These accommodations are for example equipped with swimmingpools, restaurants and bars. The prices start at Rp 1,000,000 and can get as expensive as Rp 6,500,000 per night.