Nusa Dua - Bali


Nusa Dua is a coastal town 15 miles North of Denpasar and approximately 10 miles Southeast of Kuta. The construction of Nusa Dua started in 1973 with the goal to offer tourists a luxurious alternative and to unburden the cultural places on Bali. Therefor you will find the most luxurious hotels and resorts on Bali in Nusa Dua. The nightlife in Nusa Dua is close to non. Because of the luxurious resorts and lack of nightlife Nusa Dua is not suited for backpackers. In the vicinity of Nusa Dua you will find 3 golf courses.

  • One of the many towers at Puja Mandala
  • View on the green and club house of a golf course on Nusa Dua
  • View on the beach and sea of Nusa Dua Beach on a sunny day.
  • A traditional Balinese mask at the Pasifika Museum
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Sights and Tourist Attractions

Because Nusa Dua is close to Kuta and Jimbaran you will find more Sights and tourist attractions at these locations which you can visit your stay in Nusa Dua.

View on the beach and calm sea at Pantai Geger

Pantai Geger

Location : 1 mi from City Center - 10 minutes drive | Category : Nature, Sea and beach

Pantai Geger is a beautiful and characteristic white sand beach just South of Nusa Dua. The calm and clear water makes it a good place to go swimming. Because of a large coral reef just outside the coast this location has highest water temperature on Bali. At the beach of Pantai Geger you can rent sunbeds, buy drinks and enjoy massages.

The main building of the Pasifika Museum on a sunny day

Pasifika Museum

Location : 1.5mi from City Center - 5 minutes drive | Price : Rp 70,000 | Category : Culture and history

The Pasifika Museum is a museum in Nusa Dua where art from Southeast Asia and the Pacific is exposed. Different kinds of art from many artist are shown here. Work from artists as for example Le Mayeur, Bonnet and Israel can be seen at the Pasifika Museum. In addition to the many paintings the museum also exhibits artefacts and old fabrics. The collection changes a lot so every time you visit Nusa Dua you can go to the museum and see different kind of art.

A Green Sea Turtle at the Turtle preservation on Serengan Island

Serangan Island

Location : 4.5 miles from the coast - 30 minutes by boat | Price : Rp 275,000 | Category : Nature and Sea

Serengan Island is an Island 4.5 miles from the coast of Nusa Dua. Serengan Island is a turtle preservation. From Nusa Dua it is possible to book excursions to this island. The boats which go to Serengan Islands are often equipped with a glass bottom so you can enjoy the sea life on your way to the island.

Large neon letters promoting the Devdan show at Nusa Dua Theatre

Bali Nusa Dua Theater

Location : 500 yd from City Center - 10 minutes walk | Price : Rp 600,000 | Category : Culture and theatre

At the Bali Nusa Dua Theater 4 times a week a spectacular show is performed. At this show traditions from several regions of Indonesia are shown. During the show you can enjoy traditional dance and music, spectacular special effects, illusions and shadow puppets (wayang kulit). You can order the entrance tickets up to 3 months in advance.

A man reading on the marble floor at one of the buildings of Puja Mandala

Puja Mandala

Location : 1.5mi from City Center - 10 minutes drive | Category : Culture

Puja Mandala is an area where 5 different kinds of religions can be worshipped. On the grounds you will find an Islamic Mosque, Catholic Church, Protestant Church, Buddhistic Temple and a Hinduistic Temple. The fact that all these religions are found at one place makes Puja Mandala a unique location. Puja Mandala was officially opened in 1997 by the minister of Religion.


In and around Nusa Dua three golfcourses can be found; Golfcourse Nusa Dua, Bali Golf and Country club and Amanusa Golf. These golfcourses are located in beautiful surroundings and are easy to reach. The courses are well maintained and are sometimes used for big competitions.

Nusa Dua is ideal for nice walks on the beach. All the beaches are equipped with footpaths. Especially at sunrise and sunset the scenery is beautiful and temperature is not too high.

In Nusa Dua it’s possible to book camelride excursions. These camels walk the beaches of Nusa Dua. It’s possible to book these excursions at different hotels. Riding a camel is an unique and fun way to enjoy the beaches of Nusa Dua. It’s possible to book the excursions for 1 or 2 hours.

The months October to April are ideal for surfing near Nusa Dua. We recommend you to ask a local fisher to take you to the waves so you don’t have to paddle all the way.

Entertainment and Nightlife

In the many restaurant of Nusa Dua most type of kitchens are represented. From traditional Balinese dishes to typical western dishes can be found. The prices are for Balinese standard a bit high and the quality is in general average.

Nusa Dua doesn’t really have a lot of bars and clubs. Most bars can be found in the hotels and are the only nightspots in Nusa Dua.

As to be expected in a touristic town as Nusa Dua there is no lack of spas. Many different kind of treatments are possible at the spas from traditional Balinese baths to modern beauty treatments. It’s almost always possible to book treatments at these spas at your hotel.

How to get there

From the airport near Denpasar there’s only one way to reach Nusa Dua and that’s by car. A taxi from the airport takes around 20 minutes and will cost you approximately Rp 100,000.


Nusa Dua is mainly focused on luxurious hotels and resorts. Therefor it will be difficult to impossible to find a lowbudget or middle class accommodation. The luxurious hotels and resorts in Nusa Dua offer all the comfort you can imagine and make sure that their guests have everything they wish for. The prices of these accommodations start at Rp 900,000 per night and can get really high depending on your wishes and demands.