Finance, cash withdraw and credit cards - Bali

The currency on Bali (Indonesia) is the Indonesian Roepia (IDR or Rp). One Indonesian Roepia equals 100 Sen, but the Sen isn’t used anymore in everyday life. The following coins and notes are used on Bali:


  • 25 Roepia
  • 50 Roepia
  • 100 Roepia
  • 200 Roepia
  • 500 Roepia


  • 1.000 Roepia
  • 2.000 Roepia
  • 5.000 Roepia
  • 10.000 Roepia
  • 20.000 Roepia
  • 50.000 Roepia
  • 100.000 Roepia

It’s possible you encounter Rp 100 and Rp 500 notes, but since 1992 these are no longer legal tenders. When you pay amounts are rounded to hundreds which means you won’t encounter Rp 25 and Rp 50 coins.


In the touristic area on Bali it’s possible to exchange euros and dollars.

When you exchange your dollars or euros at your hotel you can be sure you get a bad exchange rate. At the exchange offices they prefer bigger notes, for example 50 or 100 euro notes, they will give better rates if you change these notes.

Money withdraw

The biggest issue with money withdraw are the daylimits on the ATM machines. Some have a maximum withdraw of only Rp 500,000. If you want to withdraw larger amounts you can go to ATM machines from for example the Commonwealth Bank. These machines often have a daylimit of Rp 3,000,000 and give Rp 100,000 notes.

Credit card

The common credit cards as Mastercard and Visa are accepted and can be used at the better hotels, resorts and more expensive shops. At the smaller shops it possible they don’t accept credit card payments. Also keep in mind that they will charge administration fees which in most cases are between the 2 and 5 percent.