Legian, Legian Beach - Bali


Legian is a small coastal town about 7 miles Southwest of Denpasar, 2.5 miles North of Kuta and 1 mile South of Seminyak. Legian is mostly known for the beautiful and quiet beaches. Legian really is a coastal town and there is little to do other then rest at the beach or resort. Offcourse there are more then enough sights and tourist attractions in the regio where you can go for a day. For example it is possible to go to Pura Petitenget or go shopping in Denpasar.

  • Several surfboards on Legian Beach with a view on sea.
  • An Eclectus Parrot on a branch at the Bali Bird Park in Kuta
  • One of the many slides at the Waterbom park in Kuta Bali
  • The head of a statue of the god Garuda in the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park
f.l.t.r.: Surfing at Legian | Eclectus parrot at Bali Bird Park - Kuta | Waterbom Park - Kuta | Garuda Wisnu Cultural Park - Jimbaran .

Sights and Tourist Attractions

Because Legian is located near Kuta and Denpasar you will find more Sights and Tourist Attractions at these locations which you can visit during your stay in Legian.

A view on the beach of Legian on a sunny day.

Legian Beach

Location : 0.6 mi from City Center - 10 minutes walk | Category : Sea and beach

The beach of Legian runs from Kuta all the way to Seminyak. Especially the part named Padma Beach is really popular amongst tourists. There you will find the more popular hotels and resorts. Legian Beach itself is quieter then for example the beaches of Seminyak and Kuta and is better suited for the less experienced surfer. At Padma Beach are many vendors who will try to sell you cool refreshments.


At Legian Beach it’s possible to rent surfboards and boogieboards. It’s also possible to take surfing lessons at one of the many schools in Legian.

If you rent equipment from one of the stores or schools it will cost you about Rp 50,000 per hour. So make sure you don’t pay more to the locals. Normally you get a discount at the stores and schools on the equipment, if you also book lessons. In this case you will probably only need to pay half.

Legian has several dive school where you can learn to dive. At these dive school it’s also possible to book dive excursions called liveaboards. On these excursions the required experience level varies between beginner to very experienced and everything in between. At most dive schools it’s possible to rent equipment, but contact them te be sure and to make reservations.

Legian has many shops and stalls where you can buy anything from modern surf equipment to traitional Balinese art and everything in between. Besides the many shops there are also two markets. On the market close to the beach you can buy tranditional handicrafts and souvenirs. The other market is mainly specialized in fresh food. This market starts early in the morning and we recommend you to go early in the morning because the food is really fresh and you have first pick.

Entertainment and Nightlife

Legian has quite a few restaurants and foodstands. All kinds of food are represented as for example Indonesian, Western and Thai cuisine. The restaurants on the beach are perfect for breakfast and dinner so you can enjoy the sunrise or sunset. At the foodstands it is possible to have really good traditional Balinese dishes as Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng and Bakso (spicy soup with meatballs) relatively cheap.

Legian isn’t known for its vibrant nightlife. But if you want to go out at night this is most certainly possible. In Legian are bars where you can go in the evening and at night. Some of these bars offer live music. Besides the bars there are few clubs where international DJs perform. At these establishments the dress codes are a bit stricter.

Legian has multiple spas and resorts where you can go for relaxation. From traditional Balinese to modern treatments are possible in Legian. This is the perfect way to get relaxed.

How to get there

Most people who visit Legian arrive at the airport near Denpasar. From the airport there are two ways to get to Legian:

Car – Taxi
A trip by car – taxi to Legian is about 5 miles and will take you 15 minutes. The cost of taxi is approximately Rp 55,000. These cabs are located at the exit of the airport.

From the airport near Denpasar it’s possible to take a Bemo to Legian. A trip with these minivans will take as long as a taxi. However it’s possible that they stop a few times to take extra passengers. A trip to Legian by Bemo will cost you about Rp. 15,000.


Legian has many different kind of accommodations. So for each kind of toerist a suitable accommodation can be found.

The lowbudget stays in Legian only provide in the essential needs. So you don’t have to expect any luxury like airco etc. if you are lucky you have a fan in your room. The prices of these kind of accommodations are between Rp. 150,000 and Rp 250,000 per night.

Middle Class
There are more then enough middle class accommodations in Legian. The room are decent and have airco, mini kitchen and wifi. Often you will find swimmingpools and restaurants on the premisses and are located on better locations. The prices of these kind of accommodations are between Rp 250,000 and Rp 850,000 per night.

These kind of accommodations in Legian meet all the wishes and demands of the guests. The rooms are equiped with bathroom, fridge, tv and airco. On the premisses you will find multiple pools, restaurants and fitness equipment. The locations of luxurious resorts and hotels are often located on the best spots in town. The prices of the luxurious accommodations in Legian are Rp 1,000,000 per night and up.