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Kuta is a former fishing village (30,000 citizens) at the Indian Ocean approximately 7 miles South of Denpasar, 7 miles North of jimbaran and 10 miles Northwest of Nusa Dua. In the 80s Kuta was mainly popular amongst Backpackers and Surfers. Nowadays Kuta is visited by all kind of tourists especially from Australia. Kuta has many hotels, bars and restaurants. In 2002 and 2005 Kuta has been hit by suicide bombings. Almost 200 persons were killed at these bombings. At the location were the first bombing took place you will find the Bali Bomb Memorial where all the names of the victims are listed.

  • A surfer in action in the sea at Kuta
  • One of the many slides at the Waterbom park in Kuta
  • Several shops at the shoppingcentre in Kuta at night
  • The whole Bali Bomb Memorial in Kuta
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Sights and Tourist Attractions

Because Kuta is close to Denpasar, Jimbaran and Nusa Dua you will find more Sights and Tourist Attractions at these locations which you can visit during your stay in Kuta.

One of the many slides at the Waterbom park in Kuta Bali


Location : 0.6 mi from City Center - 10 minutes walk | Category : Themepark

The Waterbom park in Kuta is a waterpark for every age. At the Waterbom park are various slides, water rides, restaurants and bars. All pools and slides are placed in a tropical garden. We advise you to purchase entrance tickets in the morning before 10. The park is sold out almost every day. The prices for adults are $31.- and for children $19.-.

The whole Bali Bomb Memorial seen from the side in Kuta

Bali Bomb Memorial

Location : 0.6 mi from City Center - 10 minutes walk | Category : History

The Bali Bomb Memorial is a monument in rememberance of the 202 persons who were killed at the suicide bombings in Kuta on the 12th of October 2002. The monument is located where the bombing took place which used to be a bar. On the monument is a list of all the names of the victims. Every year a remembrance service is organised on the day of the bombing at the Bali Bomb Memorial.

Stairs to the Pura Kalangan Majelangu with two statues on the sides.

Pura Kalangan Majelangu

Location : 2 mi from City Center - 10 minutes drive | Category : Culture and history

Pura Kalangan Majelangu is a temple in Kuta. Every morning and every afternoon the locals from Kuta go to this temple to bring sacrefices. During these services and ceremonies it can be very crowded as for example during Melasti. The sacrefices are being made to satisfy the spirits of the sea. If there are no services or ceremonies it’s a quiet temple so at then you can walk around and take your time.

Employees at the entrance of the Kuta Theatre during Halloween

Kuta Theater

Location : 0.6 mi from City Center - 10 minutes walk | Price : Rp 125,000 | Category : Culture and Food & drinks

Every day (except Wednesdays) dinner shows are being held at the Kuta Theater. During dinner you can enjoy spectacular traditional Balinese dance and theater performances. These performances at the Kuta Theater show you the traditional Balinese life in the current society. The menu contains traditional Balinese, Japanese or Western dishes from which you can choose. During dinner the staff of the Kuta Theater also provide entertainment at the table.

The beach and the sea at New Kuta Beach on a sunny day.

New Kuta Beach

Location : 10 mi from City Center - 25 minutes drive | Category : Beach and Sea

New Kuta Beach used to be called Dreamland. This beach is especially popular amongst surfers.

As you probably already noticed the sea at New Kuta Beach isn’t suited for swimming. However it’s perfect to watch the beautiful sunset from the cliff while surfers are busy in the sea. Recent years New Kuta Beach has suffered from commercialization. For example, the sun of Suharto has build a huge golf resort at the expense of the beautiful nature.

A Malay Fish Owl at the Bali Bird Park in Kuta

Bali Bird Park

Location : 14 mi from City Center - 30 minutes drive | Price Adults : Rp 230,000 | Category : Nature

At the Bali Bird Park over 250 species of birds live originating from, amongst others, Indonesia, Africa and South-America. The birds live in a botanical garden of 5 acres. At this garden you can see more then 2,000 kinds of plant species including 50 kinds of palm trees. Offcourse a lot of butterflies has found their way to this garden as well. At the Bali Bird Park is also a research center which is extremely succesfull in preserving the tropical birds. This park is also easy to visit from Kuta, Seminyak and Denpasar.


Kuta is well known for the surflocations in this region. Therfore it’s almost needles to say that there are many surf schools in Kuta. Besides the official schools there are more then enough surfers who offer privatelessons for less. It’s also possible to rent surf equipment on the beaches of Kuta.

Therefore it is better to pay a bit more and rent equipment at shops in Kuta which also offer lessons.

Because Kuta is focused on tourism there is no shortage of shops. A few examples of shoppingmalls are; Bali Mall Galleria and the Discovery Shopping Mall. Besides the shoppingmalls in Kuta there are more then enough shops where you can buy swimgear and surfsupplies. And offcourse there are more then enough shops where you can be souvenirs.

In Kuta it’s possible to book dive exursions from several different locations. These excursions will take you to several dive spots in the region of Kuta. A few examples of these spots are: Tulamben ship wreck, Menjangan and Padang Bali.

Entertainment and Nightlife

In Kuta there are all kinds of dinning options. From small foodstands to luxurious restaurants and from traditional Indonesian / Balinese restaurants to the well known fast food chains. Almost needles to say but you can also order delicious fish dishes on the beach and enjoy the sunset.

After the attacks in 2002 and 2005 the nightlife at Kuta wasn’t as vibrant as before. However in the years following the attacks the nightlife grew and nowadays it’s as vibrant as possible. The highest concentration of bars in Kuta is at Jalan Legian. Many of these bars have an own unique cocktail which generally has a high alcohol percentage. Most of the bars close their doors at around 3 or 4 in the morning. In the vicinity of the hotels and the beach you will find more laid back accommodations as loungebars where you can enjoy your drinks in a more relaxed atmosphere.

In Kuta you will find lots of spas, but the quality isn’t always as expected. Therefore always make sure you have a quick look around before you make reservations. The more luxurious resorts in Kuta generally have or co-operate with spas. When you go to a spa outside your hotel or resort always check multiple spas before making reservations and always try to get a discount or packagedeal.

How to get there

Most tourists who go to Kuta arrive at the airport of Denpasar. From the airport there are 3 options to get to Kuta.

Car – Taxi
If you go by car or taxi it will be a 3 mile trip and it will last for about 10 minutes. The cost of a taxi is around Rp. 50,000. You will find these taxis at the exit of the airport where they will be waiting for you.

There are several bus operators which can take you from the airport to Kuta. These busses are parked outside the airport. A ticketprice to Kuta is Rp 2,000.

From the airport near Denpasar you can take a Bemo to Kuta. The durations of the trips with these minivans can be compared to a taxi however it is possible that Bemos will stop to pick up more passengers. The price of a trip to Kuta by Bemo is Rp 10,000.


In Kuta all kinds of accomodations and stays are possible. However the majority of the accommodations are lowbudget and middle class.

There are more then enough lowbudget hotels and guesthouses in Kuta. These kind of accommodations only provide the basic needs. These kind of accommodations often don’t accept reservations,so it’s smart to go there during lunch when other guests check out so you can check in immediatly.

The prices at these kind of accommodations in Kuta are between Rp 75,000 and Rp 200,000 per night.

Middle Class
There is also no shortage of Middle Class accommodations in Kuta. These kind f stays offer basic needs plus most of the times a private balcony, kitchen and swimmingpool. Also breakfast is in most cases included. The prices of the Middle Class accommodations in Kuta are between Rp 300,000 and Rp 750,000 per night.

These kind of accommodations in Legian meet all the wishes and demands of the guests. The rooms are equiped with bathroom, fridge, tv and airco. On the premisses you will find multiple pools, restaurants and fitness equipment. The locations of luxurious resorts and hotels are on the best spots in town. The prices of the luxurious accommodations in Legian are Rp 1,000,000 per night and up.