Jimbaran, Pura Uluwatu - Bali


Jimbaran used to be a small fishing village (12,000 citizens). It is located 15 miles South of Denpasar, about 7 miles South of Kuta and 7 miles West of Nusa Dua. During the 80s Jimbaran slowly transformed into a popular village with tourists. Nowadays thousands of people spend their holiday in Jimbaran. Jimbaran is especially known for the beautiful beach at Jimbaran Bay, the daily fish market and the many fishrestaurants at the beach. In 2005 Jimbaran was startled by suicide attacks. After these attacks tourism went down, but in the recent years tourism in Jimbaran has grown back to normal.

  • Garuda Statue at Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park
  • A surfer in action in the sea at Jimbaran
  • The Pura Uluwatu temple on the edge of a cliff above the sea
  • Wisnu statue at Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park
f.l.t.r.: Garuda Statue at Garuda Wisnu Kencana | Surfing at Jimbaran | Pura Uluwatu | Wisnu statue at Garuda Wisnu Kencana .

Sights and Tourist Attractions

Because Jimbaran is close to Kuta and Nusa Dua you can find more Sights and Tourist Attractions at these locations, which you can visit during your stay in Jimbaran.

The beach and the sea of ??Jimbaran Bay on a sunny day

Jimbaran Bay

Location: 1.5 mi from City Center - 20 minutes walk | Category : Sea and Beach

Jimbaran Bay has one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The sea at Jimbaran Bay is calm and clear which makes it a an ideal location for swimming. We recommend you to, at least once, watch the sunset or sunrise at this location. In the evening it’s possible to have dinner at one of the many restaurants at the beach so you can combine watching the sunset and having a wonderful dinner.

Lots of boats in the sea and on the beach at the Jimbaran Fish Market

Jimbaran fish market

Location : 2 mi from City Center - 5 minutes drive | Category : Culture, Food and drinks

The Jimbaran Fish Market is a daily traditional market at the beach of Jimbaran Bay. The fresh caught fish and shellfisch can be bought by one of the stands on the beach. After you have bought some fish or shellfish it can be prepared immediatly by one of the many “restaurants” at the fish market. The best time to visit the Jimbaran Fish Market is in the early morning between 06:00 and 09:00. Around this time the fish is still fresh and you have the first pick.

Several bars and restaurants in the Centre of Jimbaran

Jimbaran Center

Location : City Center | Category : Culture, shops and food and drinks

Jimbaran has a traditional and cultural center. The center of Jimbaran is ideal for walking around to experience and get in touch with the locals. There are not many shops so a real shopping spree is not possible. When you walk through the many sidestreets you can really experience the local culture and way of living, which is a tourist attraction or sight on itself.

The main building of Taman Wisata Ungasan with a waterfall from the roof

Taman Wisata Ungasan (Mekarsari Tourist Park)

Location : 2.5 mi from City Center - 10 minutes drive | Price : Rp 15,000 | Category : Nature and Culture

Taman Wisata Ungasan is also known as Mekarsari Tourist Park. The entire park is focussed on the preservation of the diversity of tropical fruits and especially fruits from Indonesia. Taman Wisata Ungasan is one of biggest fruitgardens in Asia. This organisation also does genetic research on these fruits. For tourists they have a terrain of 1 sq mi where you can have tours. During this tour through Taman Wisata Ungasan they will explain everything in a fun but educational way.

A statue at Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park

GWK Cultural Park

Locatio : 1.5 mi from City Center - 20 minutes walk | Price : Rp 60,000 | Category : Nature and Culture

GWK is a cultural park, in full Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park. The park is named after the large statue which is placed in the center of the park, but due to cashflow issues the statue has never been finalized. The idea was to make it the biggest statue in the world with a height of 460ft and a width of 210ft. Allthough the statue has never been finalized the seperate parts can be seen at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park. The size of the statue also caused some unrest amongst believers, because they feared the size of the statue would cause a spiritual imbalance on the island. At the GWK Cultural Park it’s also possible to have dinner outside and enjoy dance shows. The GWK Cultural Park can also be reached from Kuta, Nusa Dua, Legian and Seminyak.

A traditional dance show at the temple Pura Uluwatu

Pura Uluwata

Location : 5 mi from City Center - 15 minutes drive | Price : Rp 50,000 | Category : History and culture

Pura Uluwata is a temple on a 75ft high cliff. Pura Uluwata has been build in the 10th century as ordered by the Hindu priest Empu Kuturan from Java. The temple is supposed to protect Bali from evil spirits from the sea. In this case it is especially meant to protect Bali against Bhatara Rudra which is the god of elements and cosmic powers. This architectural temple is especially stunning at sunset and has a magnificent view. At the entrance you have to pass Candi Bentar to be able to acces the temple. At the entrance statues are placed with human bodies and heads of elephants. Everyday during sunset the Kecak (monkey dance) is performed, which is a must see if you visit the temple.


About 10 miles from Jimbaran you will find Nusa Dua which has 3 golfcourses. These golfcourses; Nusa Dua, Bali Golf and Country Club and Amanusa Golf are all well maintained. It’s also possible to take golflessons from professionals who will teach you the ins and outs of golf. Furthermore, all these courses are fully equipped to ensure that you will be nothing short during your stay.

As to be expected in a place like Jimbaran there are a couple of really good spas. Most spas are owned by the luxurious resorts but also independ spas can be found in Jimbaran. At these spas you can enjoy several treatments as for example fantastic herbal baths or traditional Balinese massages.

Swimming and Snorkeling
Jimbaran is ideal for swimming and snorkeling for all ages. Especially Jimbaran Bay is an excellent location. The sea at this bay is cal mand very clear. In the evening many local kids play and swim here.

In the vicinity of Jimbaran are many locations which are ideal for surfing. Some of these locations are to far to peddle. For these locations it is for example possible to rent boats at Jimbaran Bay which will take you there. Besides these locations there is one very popular and probably most famous location for surfing which is the sea at the Pura Uluwatu.

Entertainment and Nightlife

Jimbaran is especially known for the many fish restaurants which can be found here. Most of these restaurants can be found at or near the beach. At these restaurants you can enjoy one of the many fish dishes while you watch the magnificent sunset. If you don’t like fish there are several restaurants which also serve traditional Indonesian or western dishes.

Jimbaran isn’t known for its vibrant nightlife. Most bars close their doors at around 23:00. If you would like to enjoy a beer at the beach there are few bars which facilitate this option. Offcourse it is also possible to enjoy a drink at one of the bars in the many hotels.

How to get there

Jimbaran can be reached in 2 ways:

Taxi – Car
From the airport near Denpasar it’s a 12 miles trip which will cost you about Rp 70,000.

If you want to go to Jimbaran by bemo this is close to impossible. Only very sporadic a bemo leaves from Kuta to Jimbaran to eventually go to Nusa Dua.


In Jimbaran there are several kind of accommodations possible. However the majority of the accommodations are luxurious resorts.

There are no real lowbudget accommodations in Jimbaran. It is possible to rent a bungalow which only provides the absolute basic needs without any form of luxury. The prices of these kind of accommodations are between Rp 200,000 and Rp 250,000.

Middle Class
There are more options for middle class accommodations. They provide in most needs. Often these accommodations have swimmingpools, restaurants and private balconies. The prices in Jimbaran for these kind of accommodations are between Rp 300,000 and Rp 1,000,000 per night.

There is no shortage of luxurious hotels and resorts in Jimbaran. These kind of accommodations provide all the luxury and comfort you can imagine. For example they have multiple swimmingpools, bars, spas and restaurants. The kind of accommodations can be very expensive and can even get up to Rp 7,000,000 per night.