Food & Drinks - Bali

Balinese Cuisine

The rich history of Bali can also be found in the Balinese Cuisine. Many settlers brought their own spices and products which were incorporated in the Balinese dishes. Almost all dishes have rice in combination with for example meat, poultry and fish.

  • A refreshing cocktail with lemon and a straw on Bali
  • A rice dish with gravy
  • A traditional noodle dish
  • A bottle of Bali Hai beer with a half full glass of beer
f.l.t.r.: Cocktail on Bali | Balinese rice dish | Noodles | Bali Hai Beer .


If you are a vegetarian you will have more than enough options on Bali. They work a lot with bean sprouts and spices to replace meat, fish and poultry and create delish dishes.


On Bali are many different kinds of fruit because of the fertile ground. So if you love fruit Bali is the place to be. Many of these kinds of fruits are Bali native as for example Jack fruit, durian and different kind of bananas.


Although Indonesia is mostly Islamic Bali is Hinduistic. Therefor alcohol is not a problem on Bali and this is shown in the delicious cocktails they produce. On Bali you can’t drink the water from the tap. Always make sure you have enough bottles of water with you. You can buy these bottles of water almost everywhere.