Recommendations - Aruba


In addition to yellow fever vaccine (if it was required), it's recommended to cary a number of medications with you:

  • Diarrhoea inhibitors (active ingredient: loperamide)
  • Paracetamol
  • Anti-mosquito repellent (DEET)
  • Blisters plaster


Aruba has a main voltage of 110 volts and make use of the American plug:

Type A: plug with two flat pins, this plug is not grounded.
Type B plug with two flat pins and a top round pin down, this plug is grounded.

Since there's a lower voltage of 110 volts, you should check that your equipment will work at this voltage.


Unlike the Netherlands, possession and use of soft drugs is banned in Aruba, the sentencing can be imprisonment. In addition, drug trafficking is a problem in Aruba. Never take a package from someone else with you. Flights from Aruba often have a 100% check at customs.