Noord - Aruba


Noord (ca. 10.000 inw) is a large village in the northwest of Aruba, next to the popular coastal town of Palm Beach. Noord is best known for the many Dutch who live in this place, which is the reason there are a lot of holiday homes. Noord is best known for the Alto Vista Chapel. In addition the animal shelter/zoo Philips Animal Garden is also located here. In Noord are a number of shops and restaurants, but for shopping and nightlife you're better off at Palm Beach or Oranjestad.

  • View of the side of the St Anne's Church in Noord
  • A house in Noord
  • The welcome text on a sign before the Alto Vista Chapel
  • The head of a Cayman in philips animal garden
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Tourist attractions

Because Palm Beach is located closely to Noord, you can see more tourist attractions there.

Front view of the Alto Vista chapel with views of the sea in the background

Alto Vista Chapel

Location: 1.5 mi from Noord center - 4 minutes drive | Category: Culture

The Alto Vista Chapel was originally founded in 1750. The chapel was the first church in Aruba aimed to convert the local Indians to Christianity. In 1816 the chapel was abandoned and slowely decayed through the time. In 1952 the current Alto Vista Chapel was built on the same spot. On Good Friday many Catholic Arubans undertake a pilgrimage on foot to the Alto Vista Chapel from Oranjestad. The chapel is easily accessible from Noord by following the white crosses. At the chapel you have a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea.

A Bengal cat is the grass at the Philips Animal Garden

Philips Animal Garden

Location: 1 mi from Noord center - 3 minutes drive | price: $10,- | Category: Zoo

In 2004 the Philips Animal Garden started as an animal shelter for exotic animals that have been rescued and rehabilitated. Since then Philips Animal Garden has become a real zoo with 52 different animals including Bengal cats, caimans and capuchin monkesy. The Philips Animal Garden is opened daily from 9am to 5pm. Entrance fee for adults is $10, children under 10 years $5. Follow the route to the Alto Vista Chapel, you will then be pointed to Philips Animal Garden.

Front view of St. anne's Church

St Ann's Church

St. Ann's Church (Sint Annakerk) in Noord was founded in 1919. The altar, the communion table and pulpit are carved from oak and were designed by the Dutch artist Hendrik van Geld. Next to St. Ann's Church is the presbytery. The presbytery was built in 1877 and is the oldest of Aruba. Services at this church are on Saturday at 7pm and Sundays at 7.30am and 6pm.


Noord has a few restaurants and bars, the best known is Soenchi's Aruban Cuisine (Authentic Aruban dishes). For real nightlife you can better go to Palm Beach.

Also for shopping you're better off at Palm Beach. Here are some major shopping centers such as the Palm Beach Plaza and Paseo Herencia. Noord only has some local shops and souvenir shops.


In Noord are mainly holiday homes. These accommodations are equipped with many facilities such as swimming pool, air conditioning, etc. Large hotels and resorts are found in Palm Beach.


From Oranjestad on the ring (Route 1B) take route 2 to Malmok. After the junction with Route 3 towards Palm Beach you take the next exit right (Alto Vista) heading to Noord. This is the same road that ultimately leads to the Alto Vista Chapel.

From Oranjestad take bus routes 7 or 7A to Palm Beach. This route has a stop in Noord. A bus ticket costs 4 florijn or $2,30.