Druif Beach - Aruba


Druif Beach is a beach west of Oranjestad. Druif Beach is not as popular and well known as Eagle Beach and Palm Beach. The beach is a lot quieter because of that. Druif Beach, with miles of white sand, is one of the most beautiful beaches of Aruba. Near Druif Beach lies the most beautiful golf course in Aruba, Links at Divi. The city center and the harbor of Oranjestad are within walking distance.

  • A spa on the beach of Manchebo Beach
  • Two birds on poles in the Caribbean Sea at Druif Beach
  • Golf at Links at Divi with golf cars
  • The beach of Druif Beach
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Tourist attractions

Because Druif Beach is still part of Oranjestad and lies near Eagle Beach, you can see more sights at these places.

Manchebo Beach with palm trees and parasols

Manchebo Beach (Punta brabo)

Location: 0.6mi from Druif Beach – 10 minutes walk | Category: Beach

On the westernmost tip of Aruba, between Druif Beach and Eagle Beach, lies the largest and perhaps most beautiful beach of Aruba, Manchebo Beach. Manchebo Beach is a wide white sand beach. The beach can have some strong waves, making it fun for surfers. Manchebo Beach is accessible by bus, car or with a walk on the beach.

A driving a kart at on the go-kart track of Bushiri Karting Speedway

Bushiri Karting Speedway

Location: 0.6mi from Druif Beach – 10 minutes walk | Price: $15,- of fl. 15,- | Category: Karting

Bushiri Karting Speedway is an outdoor go-kart track for all ages. The karts have 9 bhp with a top speed of about 45mph, the length of the track is about 870yd. Children between 8 and 15 years have special junior sessions. Bushiri Karting Speedway is opened daily from 10.00am till sunset.

Top view of the Links at Divi golf course

Location: 400yd from Druif Beach - 5 minutes walk | Price: $124,- | Category: Golf

Links at Divi is a 9-hole (par 36) golf course that borders almost directly to Druif Beach. The golf course lies around a lagoon, in the middle of the course and lagoon are holiday cottages. Links at Divi is considered as the most beautiful golf course of Aruba.


Off the coast of Palm Beach and Oranjestad are many dive sites. From Druif Beach you can easily go to these places to go on a diving excursion.

Spa del Sol is located on Manchebo Beach. Here you can get various treatments including facial, aromatherapy, shiatsu massage, manicures and pedicures.

Walk on the beach
From Druif Beach you can walk via Manchebo Beach to Eagle Beach or even all the way to Palm Beach.

On Druif Beach various water sports are offered such as banana ride, kayaking and fishing.

Druif Beach is close to Oranjestad. Oranjestad has many clubs and bars where you can have a great time. In addition, the resorts on Druif Beach often have their own discos or bars.

Also for shopping it's best to head over to Oranjestad. Here are some major shopping centers such as the Royal Plaza Mall, Renaissance Mall and Renaissance Marketplace.


Only luxurious resorts and holiday parks are present on Druif Beach. These accommodations have many facilities like pools, bars, airco etc.


From the Queen Beatrix International Airport in Oranjestad follow route 1B (LG Smith Boulevard) to the west. Just after the harbor you can go right towards Druif Beach on the JE LG Smith Boulevard (the beachfront road towards Eagle Beach).

In Oranjestad you can take bus routes 10, 10A and 10B heading towards 'Hotel Area'. These bus routes have stops at Druif Beach. A bus ticket costs 4 florin or $2.30.