Currency - Aruba

The official currency of Aruba is the Aruban Florin, the florin is divided into 100 cents. The following coins and bills are used:

  • 5 cent
  • 10 cent
  • 25 cent
  • 50 cent
  • 1 florin
  • 2.5 florin
  • 5 florin


  • 10 florin
  • 25 florin
  • 50 florin
  • 100 florin
  • 500 florin

Anywhere on Aruba the US dollar is also accepted besides the florin. Some locations also accept Euros.

Money withdrawal

Everywhere on Aruba are ATMs where you can withdraw your money. You can only withdraw Aruban florins or US dollars.

Credit Cards

In most hotels, restaurants and shops credit cards are accepted. On Aruba often the PIN code is required for payments.


You can exchange currency at banks, exchange offices and hotels. The most favorable rates can be found at the banks. These are usually open from 8am to 4pm.