Climate of Aruba

Aruba has a steppe climate. The whole year round there are tropical temperatures. The average temperature varies from 86F (30C) in the winter to 90F (32C) in the summer. There is very little rainfall on Aruba, annually and average of only 15inch. Most rain falls in the months October, November and December in the form of a good thunderstorm. Trade winds come from the northeast throughout the year, making the sea on the northeast coast always wild and treacherous.

  • High waves on the North coast of Aruba by the strong trade winds
  • A clear sky besides a straw umbrella
  • An iguana in the rain on Aruba
  • Sunset on the beach in Malmok
f.l.t.r.: Trade winds North coast Aruba | Clear air above Aruba | Rain on Aruba | Sunset at Malmok .


Although Aruba is located in the Caribbean, the island is rarely affected by a hurricane. The southern location of Aruba results that hurricanes almost always past far north from the island. Hurricanes do sometimes provide heavy rainfall and stronger winds. The risk of any fallout from hurricanes is the highest in September and October.