Aruba - Travel Information


Aruba is a small island in the Caribbean and is part of Dutch Kingdom. The island is an ideal destination for a vacation at the beach. At the popular resorts Eagle Beach and Palm Beach there is plenty to see and to do. The many hotel resorts along side the coast almost always have casino's, events and shows. In Palm Beach and Oranjestad you can find several large shopping malls with all the luxury brands. But Aruba has much more to offer. In and around Oranjestad and Santa Cruz are many attractions that are worth a visit, such as: Fort Zoutman, the Arikok National Park and the famous Hooiberg. Aruba is also very child friendly. In addition to the special parks as the Blue Parrotfish Park on Palm Island (near Oranjestad) and the Philips Animal garden in Noord, the island has a special beach for children: Baby Beach in San Nicolas.

The underwater world around Aruba is definitly worth to see. Around the island there are many wrecks and reefs teeming with marine life. Even if you can't or won't scuba dive, there are many ways to enjoy the life underwater at Aruba. Out of Oranjestand you can use a submarine or a semi-submarine to view the marine life. You can even go for a Snuba dive (diving with a helmet) in Aruba.

Aruba is a real vacation island, it's no coincidence that every year 1.5 million people visit the island for sunny skies, warm water and beautiful beaches. Wheter you come to relax or to party, both is possible in Aruba.

  • View of the Royal Plaza Mall in Oranjestad with in the foreground a piece of the sea and harbour
  • A flamingo on the beach of renaissance island in Oranjestad with the sea in the background
  • A dancing woman during Carnival in Oranjestad Aruba
  • The natural pool in the arikok national park with the Caribbean Sea in the background
f.l.t.r.: Royal Plaza Mall - Oranjestad | Renaissance Island - Oranjestad | Carnival - Oranjestad | Natural Pool - Arikok National Park .