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theTravelerGuide.com is an independent travel information website. On theTravelerGuide you can find all the information you'll need for your holiday trip. This information is deliverd on a plain and simpel way. Off course the website will be continuously monitored to ensure it is always up to date.

On theTravelerGuide you'll be able to find all the information on the holiday destination of your choice. For every destination theTravelerGuide gives a detailed and objective description together with many pictures, to give you, a traveler, an extended overview. The information is categorised into 4 groups: General information, Travel tips, Touristic locations and Usefull information.

The choice of your destination, the preperation of your trip and the information on the destination itself is discussed. Besides the general information like history, geography, climate en culture, theTravelerGuide gives per destination and location what you can see and do. In addition theTravelerGuide answers questions like: how can you get there? are vaccinations manditory? what are the costs? What are the emergency numbers?

The number of destination will continue to grow. Keep an eye on the Latest headlines, where you can see which destination will soon be online at theTravelerGuide.com.

Latest headlines

Comming soon: Sri Lanka
All the information you'll need for your trip to Sri Lanka. Placed: 16-01-2016
Online: Aruba
All the information you'll need for your trip to Aruba. Placed: 27-01-2016